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UK Copyright Service
UK and International Copyright

Every effort is made not to infringe copyright on this site. Permission is always sought before posting. Although the absence of a reply does not imply that copyright on the material is waived, in some cases free material may be posted in the perceived interest of the……

A Note On Copyright Of Photographs

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988 works retrospectively and states that the copyright of a photograph will be owned by the photographer, even though, when it was taken, the copyright could have belonged to the person who commissioned it, according to the laws then in place.

Efforts have been made……

Pen Names

Fiction authors choose to write under a pseudonym for a variety of valid reasons. They might be extremely private in nature. They might not want their work to be judged according to their gender, age or ethnicity. Their names might be so common as not to be memorable, or so unusual as to……

Love Commas

Who needs an editor? 1

Who needs an editor?

Part one

Well I certainly dont. I mean I went to Oxford, admittedly only on a day trip, but long enough for me to learn about the ‘Oxford Comma’. Oh yes! Mind you almost caused a divorce as my wife was taught by very strict nuns never ever to……

Who needs an editor? 2

Who needs an editor?

Part Two

As nobody read Part One, in contrast to the best seller ‘Eats Shoots Leaves’ which made its author a fortune damn it. I better point out that it was about commas, colons and semi-colons and how grammatical errors can be drummed into one when young to the extent that……

Who needs an editor? 3

Who needs an editor?

Part Three

If you didn’t read Part One and/or Part Two sufficient it to say that when languishing in a police cell while on holiday inn Rome after having been wrongly arrested and falsely accused of assaulting a nun for teaching my wife that you should never use a……


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