Who needs an editor?

Part Three

If you didn’t read Part One and/or Part Two sufficient it to say that when languishing in a police cell while on holiday inn Rome after having been wrongly arrested and falsely accused of assaulting a nun for teaching my wife that you should never use a comma before and, I was idly but appropriately reading the graffiti (/ɡrəˈfiːti/; Italian: [ɡrafˈfiːti]; plural of graffito: “a graffito”, but “these graffiti”) on the wall – but I ask you whoever has said “I was looking at the graffito on the wall?” Same with datum and data and bacterium and bacteria. I mean nobody talks like that, not where I come from. Anyway I expected the inevitable lucid ones about sex, but I was shocked by somebody who had wrote:

“The Gerund in -ing should be carefully distinguished from the Participle. The Gerund, having the force of a Noun, should be used in conjunction with a noun in the Possessive Case, or with a Possessive Adjective, not with a Personal Pronoun in the Objective Case.”

I mean who would write that sort of filth? Although I suppose it was a prison cell wall after all.

You do!